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Danielle Strydom


Race Highlights


Since a little pint have I have always been a busy bee. My father was a prestigious sportsman back in the day and one could say that he carried his passion for sport onto me. These genes and the fact that we are an active family naturally lead to me loving all kinds of sport but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I found my true love: when my dad introduced me to mountain biking. At first, I cycled just to spend time with my dad and for the social part of it. Up until I did my first race is when we realised that there sparked some potential and I then left my other sports to focus on and train more constructively for my cycling. We, later on, decided to invest in a coach and approach the whole thing more professionally all the way to World Champs in 2016. I had (and still do have) big plans for the future.

We don’t have flowing singletrack or cloud scraping mountains where I come from so most of my rides compose of dirt roads and the odd cattle trail – to spice things up a little. That is why I majorly base my favourite races on the beautiful scenery and the trails – things I learn to appreciate when staying in “plat” Potch. However, one of the major benefits of living on a farm in the North West is our high altitude which I strongly believe helps me in my races – so it’s not all bad. I have big dreams for my cycling career and being a part of Insect Science gives me a big boost towards them. It’s tough out there and knowing that you have support makes it all much easier (and less scary).

Besides my biking, I also love my dogs Olive, Nino and Poppit ( who frequently feature in my social media ) and am a coffee shop fanatic. Oh, I also own a business with my dad called Boxy Water and am a law student through UNISA.

Motto: Hard work beats talent where talent doesn’t work hard.