Thomas Orchard


Race Highlights


Thomas is a business owner and passionate amateur cyclist. He started cycling in 2013 to engage in a more healthy lifestyle and with that came hours of fun with friends and family on the bike. As co-owner of the Malmesbury Toyota family business with his father and brother, he also has numerous opportunities to engage with customers and loyal followers of the Toyota brand, many of whom are also passionate about mountain biking and stage racing.

I have many customers and friends, and even customers who are friends, who are passionate about mountain biking and about the Toyota brand and what it represents. We have like-minded ideals about life and business, working hard, setting goals and having serious fun, whether it be at work or on the bike.” 

One such life-long friend is Insect Science business owner, Gerhard Booysen. Thomas and Gerhard have been mountain biking together since 2014 and racing together since 2016, challenging themselves more and more in terms of racing and results. Their first big ride together was attempting the largely flat 130kms from Keetmasnhoop to Koës in Namibia in 2014. They rode from sunrise to sunset, only just surviving the ordeal. Four years later, they rode the 2018 Cape Epic, covering 8 stages in 8 days, each of them infinitely harder than that day one day on the flat Namibian gravel roads. 

This for me this is significant because it shows how we can challenge ourselves as human beings and that we are capable of so much more than we realise. All this with the support of my lovely wife and two kids! The only limit is your imagination.”